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FAQ ..Frequently Asked Questions.. and Answers!

Engine . Transmission

Q..... What do I get when I buy from ImportMotor ?
  • LONGBLOCK ENGINES for VW Air-Cooled are provided Valve cover-to-Valve cover, Oil Pump-to-Flywheel. They are without Intake, Exhaust, Ignition, Electrical, etc. ... More information in the product description.
  • TURNKEY MOTORS for Air-Cooled VW are provided all items in the Longblock Engine and also include Carburetion and Intake pkg., Fan Shrouding, Engine compartment Sheet Metal, Oil Cooler, Ignition pkg., Fuel Pump, Fresh-air Hoses .. without Exhaust and Heater Boxes. ... More information in the product description.
  • TRANSMISSIONS for Air-cooled VW and 914 are supplied as the Transaxle Center Section ..with sideplate(s) and release bearing cross shaft. Furnished without axles and nosecone. ...More information in the product description.
  • LONGBLOCK ENGINES for Porsche 914 and 912e are provided Valve cover-to-Valve cover, Oil Pump-to-Flywheel. They are without Intake, Exhaust, Ignition, Electrical, etc. ... More information in the product description.
  • LONGBLOCK ENGINES for Water-Cooled VW are provided Cylinder Head-to-Oil Pan .. Without Valve Cover, Flywheel, Intake, Exhaust, Fuel system, Ignition, Electrical, etc.
  • LONGBLOCK ENGINES for Vanagon (WaterBoxer) Water-Cooled are provided Valve cover-to-Valve cover, Oil Pump-to-Flywheel. They are without Intake, Exhaust, Ignition, Electrical, Water Punp, etc. ... More information in the product description.
    Q..... Are the Engines Tested before they leave the plant ?
    Every one of our air-cooled engines produced for a Volkswagen or Porsche 914 is test run in our custom test-cell before it leaves the plant. It is tested for compression, oil leaks, oil pressure, etc., etc., etc. When it passes this strict testing, it is labeled 'ATC' ....AVAILABLE to the CUSTOMER. It's just like we put it in our car before you put it in yours.
    This extensive testing and extra time insures your quality product is without any possible flaws!
    Q..... Do you offer Options, Upgrades and Add-Ons for your engines?
  • YES ! ..We have Options and Upgrades to increase performance, add to the longevity of your engine and/or give it a 'Show Car' Dressed-up look.
  • OPTIONS . UPGRADES . ADD-ONS ... Click here.
    Q..... Can I get more information about your engines?
  • YES ! .. More engine details here ... Click here.
    Q..... What is the Horsepower of your engines?
  • HORSEPOWER & DYNO ...This engine is tested individually in our test cell for quality and assurance so that you receive the best top value.
    We do not 'Dyno' every engine nor have a published list for you. Our estimates of horsepower are on the conservative side and can vary with your geographic location and your final tuning, etc. A FULL-ON DYNO RUN with ultimate tuning ajustments is available, with documentation, for TURNKEY MOTORS thru 'Options and Upgrades'.
    Longblock engines cannot be Dyno'd. ( Lack of Intake, Ignition and exterior components. )
    Q..... What is an acceptable 'Good' Engine Core?
  • CORE Criteria and Information ... Click here.
    Q..... I'm planning a Custom or Special Engine Installation. Do you have instructions?
  • CUSTOM or SPECIAL APPLICATIONS ... We do not have advice, experience nor instructions on custom installations.
    What we do know:
  • Engines designed for original 1600cc-based applications will not fit into '72-'83 Type II Bus or Van .. nor ANY Porsche models without extensive modifications.
  • Engines designed for original Porsche 914 or '72-'83 Type II Bus or Van will not fit 1600cc-based or any other Porsche applications without extensive modifications.
  • IMPORTANT! ..Engines installed, as above, will most likely OVERHEAT! Successful installations have been done .. you might search the different VW and Porsche 914 Websites for help.
    Q..... Are the VW air-cooled 'Upright' performance Engines ..(1641cc thru 2332cc).. available for Bus, Van, Westy (thru 1971), Squareback or Thing?
  • YES ..
  • VW Bus, Van, Westy or Thing .. Rear mount engine case is required for the following models: '68-'71 Van, Westy or Bus and '73-'74 Thing .. Add $30.00 for rear mount case on Longblocks or Turnkey motors.
  • '68-'73 Squareback or Fastback .. Add $45.00 for modification to Type III application on Longblocks. (Turnkey motors are unique.)
  • Warranty . Pricing . Images . Descriptions

    Q..... What is the WARRANTY on your products?
  • Stock Engines and Transmissions..12 Mos/12K Miles. Ltd. Warranty... Details here.
  • Performance Engines..12 Mos/12K Miles. Ltd. Warranty available as an 'option' .. Details here.
    Q..... PRICING .. Can you explain it for me?
  • Website PRICING only:
    'OUR PRICE' ..Your price including any core deposit amount shown.
    'CORE DEPOSIT' ..The amount related to this product. ...If 'CORE DEPOSIT' is not shown, such as Turnkey Motors, product is priced 'OUTRIGHT'... no core is involved.
    'YOUR NET' .. Your net price after applicable core amount(s) are applied. (AKA: EXCHANGE)
  • PRICING on other Websites. .. ( eBay, the Samba, etc. )
    Longblock Engines and Transmissions are priced 'EXCHANGE' ...subject to a core deposit. Turnkey Motors (Except Type III) are priced 'OUTRIGHT' ... no core amount involved.
    Q..... Are the Images displayed exactly what I get?
  • We do not photograph every item offered. Our product pictures are to provide a presentation of what is available. Some pictures displayed may have options or features that may or may not apply to your purchase. Refer to descriptions for details.
  • TURNKEY MOTORS: Standard color for 'Shroud' and "Tin' is black .. unless 'Chrome' or 'Powdercoated' is specified in the description. Chrome or Powdercoated can be ordered under 'Options and Upgrades'.
  • Payment . Shipping

    Q.... What do you accept for payment?
  • Clients in and Destinations to: U.S.A. and CANADA .. We accept: .. Visa . Master Card . American Express . Discover .. We also accept cash, money order or bank certified check.
  • Other countries/destinations ...Direct Bank Transfer of Funds may be arranged.
  • We do not ship C.O.D. ...Products are shipped 'F.O.B.' from our Los Angeles plant.
    Q.... I live in the U.S.A. ..What is your Shipping Procedure?
  • For the 'Lower 48' ..SHIPPED by TRUCK From Los Angeles, California to your business, your installing shop or your residence. Shipments may be subject to 'Liftgate' surcharge.
  • Residential delivery is subject to $80.00-$100.00 surcharge. Commercial business delivery is the most economical.
  • ALASKA & HAWAII ..shipped by 'Air Freight' to your nearest International Airport Terminal. We currently serve Anchorage, Fairbanks, Honolulu and Kona.
    Q.... I live near Los Angeles. ..Can I pick up my order at the plant and save Shipping Costs?
  • YES! ..We do not have a Retail Showroom, but, a Los Angeles plant pick up of your order can be arranged for orders placed through our Website ..
  • Procedure: Place your order through the Website. Include a daytime telephone contact number ..(8am-4pm PST).
    Enter "Prefer Will-Call Order" in the comment section of the order form. .. Will-Call (pick up) hours: Monday-Friday..9am-3pm.
    Q.... I am outside the United States ..What is your Shipping and Payment Policy?
  • Outside U.S.A. or CANADA ...[ U.K. . Europe . Australia . Asia . Mexico . Latin America . South Africa . etc. ]
  • We do not have shipping information, fees or costs beyond the Port of Export. We will ship to the Freight Forwarder of your choice located in the U.S.A. (Port of Export)..current shipping rates apply.
  • International Shipments are Shipped by Truck from our Los Angeles plant to your Freight Forwarder or Broker located in the U.S.A. They will handle any documentation or shipping and/or fee quotations for you. We do not provide customs and/or brokerage services. Contact your local Customs Agent or Freight Broker for information.
  • Method of Payment for International Orders: Bank Transfer of Funds, U.S.D.
    Q.... How soon can you ship my order?
  • We will ship 10-15 working days from your order date (estimated average). Allow 4-5 days extra for Engines with 'Electronic Balancing', 'Powdercoating' and/or 'Port and Polish' cylinder heads. U.S.A. and Canada shipments ..allow 3-6 days travel time to reach you. (Depending on the distance from Los Angeles).
  • International shipments your broker or fowarding agent for information.
    Q.... What is my Shipping Cost?
  • Use our Shipping Table to get your Engine estimated shipping cost. ( "C" is Commercial business delivery. "R" is Residential delivery. )
    Rates displayed are normally up to date within 3%. Transmissions are typically shipped U.P.S. when ordered individually us for U.P.S. charges.
  • Orders Online: .. Shipping charges are entered manually AFTER your order is submitted.
  • Get a current and accurate PRICE QUOTE ... Click here!
  • Installation . Break-In . Health Care

    Q.... Can you give me some Engine Installation and Engine Break-in hints?
  • YES ! ... Click here.
    Q.... How can I get the most out of my Newly Remanufactured Engine .. and give it the best Health Care?
  • BEST Gas! .. No cheap low octane stuff!
  • BEST Oil! .. and change it when you're supposed to!
  • BEST Regular Tune-Up Schedule!
  • BEST Driving Attitude! .. DON'T KICK THE RIDE YOU LOVE!

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